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Digital dentistry is the use of dental technology and devices that utilize digital or computer-controlled components. Digital dentistry encompasses a wide range of services, including:


  • Intraoral and extraoral photography
  • Digital panoramic x-rays
  • Cancer-screening tools
  • Digital radiography
  • Computer-aided implant adaptation and alignment
  • Use of lasers
  • Digital guided surgery
  • Shade matching
  • Practice and patient record management


Digital dentistry offers a myriad of benefits, including decreasing radiation exposure for both the patient and the dentist by replacing film x-rays with digital x-rays. These services additionally allow dental teams to communicate with each other in a more effective way because all images, patient files, and x-rays are stored digitally. Not only do digital records enhance communication between practices, but they also allow for the diagnosis and evaluation of more difficult anatomies.


Due to the extensive benefits that digital dentistry offers, Dr. Naji provides a vast array of digital dentistry services for all of his patients. As digital dentistry continues to flourish throughout the dental profession, Dr. Naji ensures that he always stays up to date with the latest technologies so as to optimize patient outcomes.

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